The ATLAS heater Test

  The ATLAS heater

Second of April, the ATLAS Test has been re-activated in the HADES underground laboratory to have a better assessment of the THM characteristics of Boom Clay (see WP4.1). The set-up of ATLAS was installed in 1992 and consists of a horizontal central heater borehole (drilled 19 m deep)
and four instrumentation boreholes. The reactivation of ATLAS will allow to:
  • confirm/verifiy the actual thermal characteristics of the Boom Clay as well as its evolution with temperature
  • have a good assessment of the initial condition before heating 
  • estimate the ultimate thermal limit that Boom clay can support
  • provide a good link with the next large scale Praclay Heater Test (see WP4.2)

Second of April, the ATLAS Test has been re-activated