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The overall objective of this work-package is to manage the project effectively to ensure the integration of the results within the safety case and the set-up of recommendations for repository design. Strong co-operation within the TIMODAZ consortium and information flow with the end-users will be stimulated.

Description of work

This workpackage consists in the technical, administrative and financial management as well as the co-ordination and administration at all levels between the parties and the EC, including communication. The communication of the information between the TIMODAZ project and other European projects of interest will be encouraged. 

At project start + 2months, the project co-ordinator will deliver a Project Execution Plan. This document will detail how the project will be conducted. The Project Execution Plan will include a Road Map showing the main tasks and the control activities. A Gantt chart for each workpackage and sub-workpackages will be detailed. This includes the definition of criteria that will be used to indicate the level of achievement of the objectives. The road map enables the identification of major milestones and deliverables and tracking progress against these.

In the Road Map, two levels of controls will be identified:

  • “verification points” are foreseen to verify the achievement of significant scheduled events called milestones  - to be verified during project progress meeting
  • “validation points” are foreseen to validate the achievement of the workpackages – to be validated by the GB.

The co-ordinator will be responsible for the exchanges with the end-users group. The end-users group will be active throughout the duration of the project. It will be charged to define the end-user needs and to integrate the research results of the TIMODAZ project in a broader, safety case-oriented context, i.e. performance assessment and repository design studies. The deliverables will be systematically submitted to review and feed-back from the end-users group. The end-users group will conduct three reviews of the TIMODAZ project based on the implementation execution plan, the progress reports, the deliverables and the workshop discussions. Two months after each workshop (tentatively at months 8, 26, 44), the conclusions and recommendations of the review will be submitted by the end-users group as a short report and sent to the coordinator. When necessary, the end-user group may propose reoriention of the research. If the research re-orientation requires an amendment of the terms of the Contract, the decision has to be endorsed by the GB.  This decision constitutes a milestone for WP3 and WP4.

The co-ordinator EIG EURIDICE GIE will be responsible for the management of the overall project and  will be assisted for the co-ordination of the modelling activities by UJF.


D1: Project Execution Plan

D15: Technical and management reports (including the final report)


Project review and priority set-up by the end users group (milestone for WP3 and WP4) .......................month 8